What is zeosX?

zeosX is a decentralized platform aiming to revolutionize the traditional banking industry. Our cutting edge technological system is built based on a powerful finance ecosystem which consists of the futuristic banking components.
  • Borrow with or without collateral
  • Superior crypto mobile wallet
  • Luxurious and stunning quality cards
  • Investments, auction and lending

Why choose zeosX platform?

Real-time military grade security

Platform security will always be our top priority. zeosX consists of multiple layers of protection, providing clients with seamless user experience.

High-performance crypto fortress

Clients’ crypto assets will be safely secured in a deep cold storage vaults. Confidential information can never be accessed by anyone.

Monthly ZeoAirdrops

Beside producing monthly passive income, ZEOS tokens also offer clients with bountiful benefits such as additional discounts on collateral loan.

Crypto Mobile Wallet

Extremely low fees
Borrow, store and spend crypto instantly with very low fees.
Effortless deposit and withdrawal
Various methods of deposit and withdrawal through local currencies.
ZeoPay is a decentralized payment system suitable for daily transactions. Entrepreneurs can also integrate ZeoPay to take their businesses to the next level.

The zeosX card

Monthly savings interest rate
Grow your overall crypto portfolio by holding ZEOS tokens.
Earn cashback and ZeoPoints
Rewards can be redeemed for various mouth-watering prizes.
Premium limited edition cards
Get our Plasma Sapphire and Spectral Infinite cards to enjoy complimentary benefits such as exclusive access to zeosX’s
priority royale solitaire club.
Choose your desired card

Simple Process
Fast Approval
Low interest rate
No hidden fees.

zeosX Loan

Investors can choose whether they want to borrow with or without collateral. Our collateral loan allows clients to get dollars fast without selling any of their crypto-assets. The non-collateral loan also rewards clients with ZeoPoints for early repayment.
Choose Loan Amount
Investments, auction and lending
Register for beta access
zeosX Hub
A decentralized banking platform with transparent fees, the all-in-one zeosX Hub enables investors to auction their collaterals ranging from valuables such as jewelries to even properties.
A whole new level of crypto insurance awaits you! Choosing the right plan has never been easier with just a few clicks. Secure your future and protect your loved ones now!
The next evolution of p2p lending. ZeoLend offers liqudity investors a higher lending interest rate to lend crypto to borrowers. Grow your crypto portfolio now!


  • Q12018

    • Coming up with idea
    • Developing business concepts
    • Whitepaper development

  • Q22018

    • Making of team and website
    • Market research

  • Q32018

    • Development of crypto-backed p2p loan
    • Design The zeosX Cards, mobile app and marketplace
    • Enable affiliate program and KYC/AML

  • Q42018

    • Finalize zeosX marketplace and mobile app
    • Introduce saving and lending accounts
    • Enable reward system
    • Start of private-presale

  • Q12019

    • Beta launch of zeosX marketplace and mobile app
    • Development of saving and lending accounts
    • Design zeosX blockchain for cards to operate
    • Start of presale

  • Q22019

    • Launch zeosX marketplace and mobile app
    • Finalize crypto-backed p2p loan
    • Obtain license and other legal paperworks
    • Big partnerships and start of crowdsale

  • Q32019

    • List zeosX on exchanges
    • Launch saving and lending accounts
    • Start of crypto-backed p2p loan
    • Introduce ZeoPay and crypto insurance

  • Q42019

    • Introduce zeosX POS device
    • Link zeosX POS device to cards
    • Distribute zeosX cards to investors
    • Start ZeoPay and crypto insurance

Market Analysis

zeosX Traditional Banks
Crypto cards
Rewards Programme
Non Collateral loan
Collateral loan Crypto Local Currencies
Approval Time Immediate Extremely slow
Credit Checks No Yes
Insurance Simple Tedious
Hidden Fees None Admin Fee, Application Fee,
Late payment Fee,
Legal Fee, etc.

Our Brilliant Team

  • Anthony W

    President/Chief Executive Officer

    Anthony W

    Anthony has vast experience in marketing along with entrepreneurial background. He also has a strong trend forecasting ability in...

  • Ben Wellington

    Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

    Ben Wellington

    Ben has 10 years of experience working in the finance sector with a deep knowledge in the credit area. With an in-depth...

  • Patrícia Barbosa

    Executive Vice President/Finance Director

    Patrícia Barbosa

    Patricia has more than 7 years of professional experience in accounting, tax planning and auditing with countless...

  • Katrina Velasquez

    Relationship Manager

    Katrina Velasquez

    With more than 8 years of PR experience, Katrina has planned and organized major events throughout the years. She is a...

  • Aileen Cerda

    International Marketing Manager

    Aileen Cerda

    Aileen is a natural-born leader who has more than 10 years of experience in the marketing sector. She has worked with several...

  • Avdyl Bytyqi

    Finance And Community Manager

    Avdyl Bytyqi

    With a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance, Avdyl is passionate in the future of what blockchain can do to revolutionize the traditional...

  • Nabil D El Bouzaidi

    Senior Product Designer

    Nabil D El Bouzaidi

    Nabil has more than 8 years of experience as a talented designer. He has worked for numerous clients. Nabil has very impressive...

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    zeosX is constantly expanding, interested applicants may drop us an email on why you deserve to be a part of this revolutionary team!

Our Advisory Board


Token Sale Information

Current Phase: Private Sale
Start Date: --
End Date: --
Hard cap: --
Soft cap: --
Token: ZEOS
Bonus: --
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = -- ZEOS
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

ZEOS Token Contract Address

The following address is for the ZEOS token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

Token Distribution

Use of Funds